April 23, 2019: Dr. Ruchama Marton on being a dangerous woman, and a radical agenda for partnership with Palestinians.

Dr. Ruchama Marton, the founder and head of Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, received the Yeshayahu Leibowitz Award from the Yesh Gvul movement earlier this month. This is the speech she gave at the award ceremony on April 2, 2019.

“…I got to know Yesh Gvul as soon as it was established in 1982 by soldiers and activists who protested against the first Lebanon war and the draft. This movement drew inspiration and support from Professor Leibowitz, who issued a public call to soldiers to refuse to participate in the Lebanon war in particular and in the occupation in general. I, too, was completely in line with them, especially having been an active member in a prior group called “Liberated Territory” [established 1981-1982] whose main concern was to prevent the war in Lebanon, which we anticipated. We therefore had much in common. One disagreement I did have with the folks at Yesh Gvul related to the fact that it was initially an organization comprised exclusively from male soldiers. After rather protracted discussions, however, the ranks were opened up to include also female supporters and activists. Since then and until this very day, there is nothing but agreement and harmony between us…”
for full speech: Mondoweiss

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